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My name is Dominika Knazovicka and I am an employee of the Cyprus Wildlife Research Institute (, a nonprofit nongovernmental organization established in north Cyprus with a focus on the protection of local species and habitats. We are contacting you because students from your Institution joined our team in the past and we would like to offer this unique opportunity to more students from your University. These internship placements are especially suitable for students and graduates of programs related to biology, ecology, environmental protection, animal care, nature management, veterinary medicine, social media, and media production. A full list of our current programs can be reviewed following the link: 

I believe that many students from your University would be interested in going on an internship abroad, but they may not know where to find a hosting institution and how to apply for such placements. The general information about our current placements, requirements, and other details are summarized in the catalogue below and on our volunteering web pages. We are currently preparing new internship programs (such as monitoring of donkeys, or bird nest boxes) so it may be useful for the students to regularly check our web pages. Our programs are suitable to be considered Erasmus+ placements and the living expenses can be therefore covered by an Erasmus+ scholarship.