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The horse breeding association (PFC) is a sub-association from Study association ‘’De Veetelers’’ with a special focus on horses. Although the name suggests that we are mainly engaged in breeding, the PFC covers all aspects of the horse sector.

We as the PFC, aim to give Animal Sciences students some practical experience in addition to the knowledge that is acquired in lectures. We do this by organizing excursions throughout the year to various horse events, clinics, stud farms and other horse businesses. This year for example, we visited the Curly Horse Breeding farm from Mireille Wösten, we went to Jumping Amsterdam, we got a tour on the horse dairy farm Orchid's Paardenmelkerij and we got acquainted with the American Miniature Horse at Stable Hazelberg. In addition, there is a beginner's class organized annually and a clinic and/or trailride for the advanced riders, for example vaulting, cross or western riding. The PFC does not only organize interesting and fun activities, it also emphasizes learning. Every year, an informative theme or discussion evening is organized. The theme of this year was 'From the outside in'. We looked at important aspects of judging a (dressage) competition and common equine diagnoses, such as lameness. We try to end each academic year with a domestic or foreign excursion weekend, in which we visit several equestrian companies and organizations, while also enjoying trailrides and fun evenings together! In 2023, we went to Woudenberg where we rode two beautiful forest rides. Furthermore, we visited Manege Zonder Drempels where people with severe multiple disabilities can feel te movements of horse riding via a special canopy bed. We also got a lecture from Equifacts about recognizing pain in horses from a scientific perspective. All our activities are made possible by the financial support received from our sponsors, Equilin and Anivado.


We are always looking for new ideas for PFC activities, so I you have some fun ideas yourself, let us know.

If you want to add something extra to your studies in Wageningen and expand your knowledge in the field of horses, then become a member of the PFC!


Kind regards,
On behalf of the PFC board,

Miriam ten Broek (contact person)
Kim Wijnbergen
Maxime Quispel
Carolien Dierickx
Doortje Verspagen

Paarden Fokkerij Club | Horse Breeding Association
Wageningen University
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