Celebrating a party is something that “De Veetelers” undoubtedly can do very well. But all this partying needs a special degree of organization. The Akcie is the committee that has the responsibility to organize the best and nicest parties and to ensure that these memorable nights proceed smoothly. With the bright red polo, the Akcie can always be recognized until the last hours of the nights. A good party and the Akcie cannot be without each other.  

Next to the notorious parties of the “Veetelers”, the Akcie organizes in collaboration with the other study associations in Wageningen, the well-known Integration Parties. Success is guaranteed with theme parties like “Temptation Weiland”, “50 Tinten Piet” and “Jägtfest”!

Not only partying is important in the student life, also team spirit is a true value for this committee! The game element is therefore not without a reason present during the activities that the Akcie organizes. During the Introduction Weekend, the naïve first-years students undergo the first test. After this weekend the most first-years students are able to think like a true “Veeteler” and can cope with every upcoming challenge in Veetelersland. At the annual Bar Games Evening it all seems like a piece of cake, but the ultimate test that all the Veetelers want to survive, are the Farmer Games at the end of the academic year.

Every Monday evening the Akcie holds its meetings to arrange all these lovely parties and activities. From 21:30 hours on the Akcie members are gathered around the meeting table. Evaluations of past activities, organizational matters and new ideas are thrown up constantly. After this serious part, it is time for the necessary number of games of mexxen, in which the creative part of the brain will function better after consuming a x number of bottles distilled drinks. The Akcie members get more and more creative, as more bottles of fine distilled liquids run on empty.

The Akcie is there to support the social aspect of studying! Akcie-members and the other “Veetelers” are well aware of the fact that having a party is good for your developments inside and outside the study! As the “Veetelers” always say: “Work hard, play harder, of this we are aware and together with the Akcie we dare!”. Or: "Work hard, play harder, of this we are aware, and of this the Akcie takes care!". If you have ideas or suggestions for a party or if you want to join the Akcie in organizing all this? Please let us know by sending an email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or by sending a Whatsapp message to the Commissioner Internal Affairs Jurre Bergers.

Akcie “De Veetelers”

What else?

Jurre Bergers - chairman
Riëlle Kroon - secretary
Jimmy Bast – treasurer
Els Dikker
Amber Goede