Education is important of course, but what is even more important in life? One might think of the famous quote “Carpe diem”. One must enjoy life. One can do this by celebrating life with friends and drinks. The Akcie is the committee that organizes these celebrations for all Veetelers.

The Akcie organizes all types of parties and activities, like the First Years weekend. In this weekend, the first years will get to know our study association, but also each other. After a weekend of parties and activities, one hopes to be able to call themselves a true Veeteler. And we hope that we have been able to make the first years even more excited for the numerous fun parties coming up. 

An example of one of these parties is the introduction BBQ and Party that was found to be a mighty success. Other parties that are highly anticipated are the Beer Cantus, in which students sing some songs and drink beers together. We also like to integrate with other study associations in Wageningen. We do this by organizing a party together with other study associations from the WUR which is called “het kleine integratiefeest”.

Every year, a new colour is chosen for the Akcie polo so that you can see the ones running around and trying to keep the parties organized. Which can sometimes fail due to alcohol consumption. But effort is guaranteed! This year we have chosen for a nice, tropical turquoise colour. Do not be shy and just tag us on the shoulder when you are up for a chat. The Akcie does of course not only organise these parties for the drinking and partying, but also for networking. This way of networking might be the easiest networking one has ever experienced and will help one set up a great network when entering the field of work.

Are you curious about a meeting of the Akcie, let us give a brief summary of a typical meeting (without disclosing the secrets): in order to organise these top tier activities and parties, there is a dire need of a serious meeting. But there is a more dire need within the Akcie, which is making fun and drinking. Meetings of the Akcie will be elongated due to continuous chatter and fun, so that is great! During the meeting, the atmosphere builds up and at the pinnacle of the evening, the biggest fun can begin: ‘Mexxen’. For everyone that thinks they know the game, wait until you learn the Akcie rules. During the game, the stakes are high and this results in crying, laughter and anger.

Did this letter make you excited and do you want to join? Or do you have a great idea for an Akcie activity? Send us an email (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.) or send a Whatsapp message to our beloved Board Member Commissioner Internal Affairs and president of the Akcie, Luca Smit.

The Akcie of ‘De Veetelers’

‘The best a Veeteler can get’


Luca Smit - President
Britt van de Vall - Secretary 
Anne Pennings - Treasurer 
Daniel List
Nathalie Roeterdink
Stijn Bremer
Fleur Gorissen