A study association like ‘De Veetelers’ cannot exist without a monthly update about all the excursions, different types of interviews, lots of activities and more! ‘De Veeteler’ already exists for over 50 years and made sure that all the students of Animal Sciences could be up to date about the study and the study association. Ten times per year there is a new edition available to read for the members. Unfortunately, this does not happen out of the blue; every month the ‘Redactie’ works very hard to publish a new, unique copy of the magazine.

Do you have got any suggestions for ‘De Veeteler’? Are you currently doing an interesting thesis? Or are you planning to study in a foreign country? Do you have got an interesting company at your homeplace or do you have an extraordinary room? Let us know and maybe you can see yourself in the next ‘De Veeteler’! You can send an e-mail to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.!


Pim Kroes 
Lisa Postmus
Maarten Vandervennet
Annemarie Hoving
Kirsten Versteeg 
Madelon Van Vuure