Director of Internal Affairs

Hey Everyone,

My name is Wiebe Kemp, I am 21 years old and I come from a picturesque citty called IJsselstein, which is located next to Utrecht. Here I have been raised on a dairy farm where we have about 100 animals. Doesn’t seem all too crazy that I chose to study Animal Sciences, right? Currently I am in my 3rd year of the bachelor and I am planning to start my masters in 2022.

Most of you would probably recognize me from the 36th Almanac committee ‘Legendairy’ or from Porculum, where I have been chairman for a little while. “De Veetelers” have brought me a lot of beautiful things over the past years and I’ve also been able to learn a lot from my time being active at the association. Therefore I am very delighted to have the responsibility as a commissioner internal affairs, since now I can finally give something back to the association.

Besides filling most of my spare-time by doing work for committees at “De Veetelers”, I also like to play some football from time to time, where the 3rd half also plays a major role.

I am looking forward to my coming year as a member of the board of “De Veetelers” and I also hope to make a lot of people just as enthusiastic for committees or organising activities as myself!

Are you interested in a committee, or do you just fancy a quick chat? Then do not hesitate to text, or to say hi to me!


Wiebe Kemp