Education Commissioner I

Hi everyone!

My name is Manon Greve, I am 21 years old and I come from Waalwijk, a city close to the Efteling. I am now in the 1st year of my Bachelor Animal Sciences. Before I started this study, I studied Psychology in Tilburg for three years, but did not finish it. It is nice to now do a study that I really enjoy.

I became interested in education by helping with the Meeloopdagcie. I enjoy helping other students to choose their bachelor's degree because I now know what I would have liked to hear when I first had to choose.

In my spare time I watch intense drama series, I game a little and I travel as often as possible. I always like to have a nice chat so that I can get to know you all better. I look forward to improving education with the help and opinions of all of you.