The Discuscie is a hardworking committee which organizes five amazing discussion-evenings every year. The subjects of these evenings can differ very much, but have all have one thing in common: it has everything to with our study Animal Sciences.

We as a committee search for two or three speakers which have a good knowledge about the topic of the evening. They all have different opinions about the subject or can tell us something about a unique viewpoint on the topic. When all speakers told what they wanted to tell us, a nice discussion follows between the speakers, but there is especially much interaction with the public. The moderator, which arranges that everything goes as planned, will also lead this discussion. When the time is up, there is some room to drink a beer and talk with your fellow student or other attendees.

Do you want to expand your knowledge on actual topics within animal farming? Keep attendance to your mail and feel welcome to come to our next discussion evening!

To organize such an evening you will approach lots of people within the sector and in this way expand your network in a fun way. Does it seem nice to  you to organize such an evening? Don’t hesitate to contact us via This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.!


Lisa Waverijn – Contactpersoon

Michael Youself – Secretaris

Caitlin de Visser – Penningmeester

Willeke Weewer

Pieter Fleerakkers

Laurens Rutten

Claudie Kappers