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Are you such a lazy millennial who does not feel like reading the entire piece below? Here is a summary: All students of Animal Sciences are hereby welcome at the weekly Domibo (Thursday afternoon drinks, ed.) In the central hall of the Zodiac at 4.30 pm! Beer, radler, crisp and chips are ready.
Is there any form of routine during your student days? Do you always spend several hours in the wrong lectures? Are you sitting with the comrades neatly waiting for the Rigro at the door of A0107 in the Zodiac, but does the Rigro appear to be in the Forum? Does the dynamics in your study time most closely resemble the government policy of the Brilliant Comrade and the Great Leader Kim Jung-Un of the 조선 민주주의 인민 공화국? No worries. We have a hold on this scorched earth, a rock in the surf, a refuge, a Walhalla in the chaos of daily life. We have the ....
..... Domibo! The regular routine moment in the week. Every Thursday from 4.30 pm in the central hall of the Zodiac. A group of students sought a moment to come to rest weekly. As all fanatical Veetelers, of course, this had to become an official committee.

For € 0,00 you can spend an afternoon at the Domibo! No service costs, no parking costs, free toilets, no additional costs can enjoy music. And as icing on the cake. When drinking no less than HUNDRED delicious beers you come into the hall of fame, the list of lists, the red book of the Domibo, the "Club of Hundred"!
With the most active and inclusive committee it is always a party every Thursday afternoon.
Proudly presented by:
Bijs Manders
Brianne Siegerink
Hugo Garstenveld
Kurt Lohuis
Tim Lammersen
Wiebe Kemp