The first year of university is of course very exciting or somewhat thrilling; lots of new faces, a new location, and a different learning system. But by making good friends and getting in touch with your year, you come a long way. The Freshmencie organizes activities for the first-year students to get to know each other better.


The Freshmencie itself exists of first year students that pass on their hard work to new first year students every year. It all starts at the Introduction Weekend. This weekend is organized by the Akcie, but this is where the Freshmencie announces its new members.


The purpose of the Freshmencie is to have fun with the new friends you make here at WUR.


Noa van den Akker
Jip te Velde
Mark van Valkengoed
Floor van den Heuvel
Isa Kokhuis
Anne Pennings
Temporary member/Guide Akcie
Manon Greve
 Temporary member/Guide Board