Hi Veetelers,

I’m Reza and I am 22 years old. I am born and raised in Ewijk, a small village near Nijmegen. Ewijk is quite close to Wageningen, by bike it is only 1 hour. However during my studies I only cycled a few times, I still prefer to go by train. I knew, I wanted to study animal sciences as soon as I saw the little piglets, lambs and calves on the information folder during the open day.
In March I started the master programme of Animal Sciences after finishing my thesis at ABG on the inbreeding management and relatedness in the Epagneul. I found this topic really interesting so for my master I chose the specialisation biodiversity and genetics, and I will again write my thesis at the Animal Breeding and Genomics chair group. Next to my studies I like to go horseback riding, skiing and going out to have dinner with friends. If you have any questions, or remarks please contact me.
I’m looking forward to the this year!

Kind regards,
Reza van Welie