First-year and what to do?

When you start studying Animal Sciences at Wageningen University, you will hear of "De Veetelers". "De Veetelers" is a study association for students of Animal Sciences. The study association offers a perfect place for you to get to know your fellow students, make fun and explore your fields of interest. The study association is originally a Dutch association, but in recent years it changed a lot. Since the Bachelor of Animal Sciences is taught in English, the study association adopted the English language. Still, the Dutch roots are visible in daily life. Nowadays, there are more and more international students interested in the study association. This will change the culture within the association as well in a positive way. Feel free to seek contact with board members or other members to guide you through the association! 


Study Association

"De Veetelers" is managed by the board, they ensure that everything runs smoothly. The committees are positioned under the board, they themselves take care of activities such as sporting events, parties, symposia, meetings, annually almanack and much more ...

So, such a study association is actually very useful. It gives you a discount on the purchase of study books, you mix with students from the higher and lower years and it is completely without any obligation. In addition, "De Veetelers" is known as the most active study association in Wageningen with currently more than 500 members!



Committees are the ideal place to orient yourself within the study association. For example, De Redactie (Dutch for editorial office), which is a committee that writes and publishes the magazine "De Veeteler" every month. A number of students sit together every week and discuss. Besides this committee, there are much more!



"De Veetelers" also has a number of sub-associations, which are smaller associations within the association. You can also join them. The sub-associations are further specialized in a specific sector. For example, Aquarius, which is a sub-association specialized in aquaculture and fisheries. The sub-association provides excursions and educational activities in their sector. An excellent opportunity for you to participate in such an activity, so you get to know which animals of certain interest you. Feel free to look around at all associations. The associations consist of enthusiastic members!


If you are in the first year (or second) and you are interested in a committee, please fill in this form or email/whatsapp the Commissioner Internal Affairs of the board, Jorn Wolterink.


Commissioner Internal Affairs  Jorn Wolterink
E-mail This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. 
+31 6 15 39 17 18


Study advisor  Inge Palm
E-mail This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Phone +31 31 74 86 191