What is the university trainee Animal Sciences? Is the science of animals important? Yes it does, since animals play a key role in our society, especially for economic reasons (for instance our food industry). Even the social relationship between humans and animals increases in interest, probably because humans keep animals for people. Besides that, animals play a vital role in the landscape design, recreation and nature management.The study Animal Sciences provides you the unique possibility to understand and appreciate all the different purposes of animals and to optimise those purposes in several situations, however with the conditions that are given by nature and environment. In other words: the study of Animal Sciences contributes to responsible caring of (production) animals. 

‘’Prevention is better than cure!’’ is the famous Dutch motto for a lot of Animal Scientists, and so true when talking about keeping animals. However, does this also apply for animal welfare or economic affairs? So within Animal Sciences, animal diseases, welfare measurements and other factors are examined for accountable keeping of animals. Of course, when discussing and examining these factors, we cannot evade the current societal and ethical discussions when it comes to keeping livestock, a challenging task! Animal Sciences provides basic knowledge and trains you to contribute in developing, in a responsible way, to handle animals and safe food of animal origin. You get the opportunity to specialize in certain fields or to broaden your perspective beyond this field.

More information about the content and study schedule of the bachelor Animal Sciences or the master of Animal Sciences, the different specializations, opportunities for internship and study-advice, can you find on the sub-pages that matches this page. For more and other questions, please feel free to contact the Board of Study Association ‘’De Veetelers’’, the Educational Commissioner I (BSc) and  the Educational Commissioner II (MSc), or the Educational Commitee ROK. They are happy to answer your questions.