Hi There,


My name is Riëlle Kroon. I am 20 years old and come from a small town called Loenen aan de Vecht, located in the county Utrecht. At home we have a dairy farm, some sheep, two horses and a couple cats. The animals and the farm have always been very interesting to me and have led to my passion and interest for the sector. During the weekends I mostly help out at home, visit a 'stalfeest' with some friends or work as a para-veterinarian.


During the three years that I have been living in Wageningen, I got to take part in various committees, such as the Akcie and Galacie. I am already familiar with the Study association, however, I am curious to experience the association from the perspective of Board Member President. I would like to get to know myself and a lot of other (Veetelers) better during my board year. Therefore, do not hesitate to approach me for a conversation or any questions you mighht have!


Kind regards, Riëlle