Hey everyone!

My name is Floor van den Heuvel and I am very excited to be part of the board of the Veetelers! I am 21  years old and I come from Wijchen, a village close to Nijmegen. I am now in my second year of the bachelor. I have always loved animals but I didn’t like to dissect them so becoming a vet was not for me. That’s why Animal Sciences sounded great to me! Little did I know that we were also going to dissect multiple fish, a pig and a chicken during the BAS programme… but luckily I have gotten used to that now! In my free time I like to cuddle my cats, go horseriding, cook/bake and every now and then I try to work out. I also very much enjoy a nice drink with my friends or going to parties. That’s why you could also find me in the Woeste a lot on Wednesdays in the past. However, now that I’m in the board I might not be there as much anymore. You might also know me from some committees. I started my first year strong by joining the first ever Freshmencie and last year I joined the Redactie, of which I was president for a little while, and I was part of Véater 2023. Within the board of the Veetelers I am Board Member Secretary. I have a little experience with being secretary since I was also secretary of Véater. I feel very honored to have been asked for this function and even though I said that I had to think about it, I almost immediately knew I was going to say yes. I think the function suits me because I like to be organized and I like to help people. I am looking forward to keep contact with you all and I am excited to see what this year will bring me!

Kind regards,