Team International

About us
Team International was founded to promote the integration and participation of international students in the study association of Animal Sciences: ‘De Veetelers’. Team International functions as a bridge between the national and international students.

Every educational period, Team International organizes an excursion especially for the international students. Some examples can be: an excursion to a typical Dutch production farm for poultry, pigs or cattle. Also activities to get to know other cultures can be organised, such as an international dinner. Team International organizes activities that can give you new skills, like a cattle judgement evening. Since academic year 2018-2019 Team International organizes day excursions, like a day excursion to the CRV Breeding Center in Wirdum and a day excursion in cooperation with Hendrix Genetics.

Activities with sub-associations 
Team International can also explain how to join one of the sub-associations of ‘De Veetelers’. There are six sub-associations that each representing an animal/sector in the agricultural world:

·         Aquarius is there for all the people that are interested in aquaculture.

·         Bestia Turba Ferina (BTF) is there for the non-production animals, such as cats and dogs.

·         The Paarden Fokkerij Club (PFC or Horse Breeding Club) tells you all the ins and outs about horses.

·         Porculum covers all the intensive livestock such as pigs, chickens or calves.

·         The Rundvee Fokkerij Studieclub (RFS, or Cattle Breeding Studyclub) is your address for cattle. They visit companies with milk-cattle.

·         Last but not least there is the Sheep and Goat StudyClub (SGSC). As the name already implies they are mainly concerned with sheep and goats.

Unless otherwise stated excursions of the sub-associations are in Dutch, however we encourage you to ask them to do the excursion in English, most of the time this is not a problem.

Do you want to have direct contact? You can reach us by email at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Kind regards,
Team International members


Angelique Heeman (contact person)
Mariana Bustos Korts
Shen Dan
Petar Dundin
Natascha Grinnell
Hussein Hotait
Maud de Kinderen
Arya Rezaei Far
Willeke Weewer


To make the most of your time in the Netherlands we recommend using the International Student Services platform. Here you can on one hand get information and sign-up for services such as a bank account, insurance and mobility card, and on the other hand socialize with like minded international students and find part time jobs. Check out, so that when you are here, you have everything in order and can focus on the fun parts of living in a new country!