Hi everyone,

As students, almost every day we have to deal with lectures, practicals and self-study here at the Wageningen University. To show our parents what our study holds, the Ouderdagcie organizes, like every year, the parent day! This is a fun day at which you have the perfect opportunity to bring your parents or caretakers to the campus. Together, you can follow interactive lectures and join interesting practicals. During the parent day, multiple speakers from different chairgroups will join us to talk about some interesting topics, related to our study Animal Sciences. Also, a practical will be organized for you and your parents to follow. Finally, the Ouderdagcie organizes a cake bake contest. Students can participate in this competition and the student with the most delicious or best looking cake will win a great prize. The day ends with a drink. We hope to see you and your parents all there!


Ouderdagcie 2022 "All lambs we meet, come from a sheep"

Annemarie Hoving
Annika Rijlaarsdam
Brianne Siegerink
Jorn Wolterink
Kirsten Versteeg
Krijnard Klaassen