Hi there,


I am Eline de Boer, 20 years old and originally from a small town just next to Amsterdam; Muiden. Unfortunately, I am not from a farm. However, I did find my way to the farm! I am currently working on two dairy farms, one near Muiden and one near Wageningen. Adding to that, I have milked a goat or two, I can sometimes be found near the sheep herd, and I would like to see the inside of a chicken/pig stable sometime! Also, I have rode horses since I was little. I am now proud owner of a seven-year-old, Icelandic mare. She is stabled near Wageningen, next to the woods. So, when I am not studying or enjoying some ‘gezelligheid’, I am often in the woods with her!


I am in my second year of the Bachelor. My time as Veeteler is thus relatively short, but I have some experience from my Lustrum-Almanac 38 time. I enjoyed the time I had with them very much and can still enjoy with them until the end of March!


Lastly, I feel very honored to be part of the Board, as Treasurer. I am going to do everything I can, to make it a successful year. Adding to that, I look forward to meeting you all!


I hope to see you soon!

Kind regards,