I'm Annika Rijlaarsdam, 22 years old and currently I'm in the fourth year of my study. From period 4 on, I will start with the master Animal Sciences. I come from Bodegraven, a village in Zuid-Holland where my parents have a dairy farm. I like helping on the farm, mostly in summer when there is a lot of (field) work to do. Because I grew up with agriculture around me, I wanted to do a study within this sector. I ended up at Animal Science, which suited very well with my interests!
Already from the beginning of my study, I'm kind of active within the study association and I did several committees. After one semester on exchange, I'm happy to be back in "Veetelersland" and being part of the board as treasurer!

I'm still learning a lot about the finances, but if you ever have questions for me, don't hesitate to ask them!

Kind regards,