Bornsesteeg, Wageningen – 2ndof October 2019. Véater 2019 (Vé = Livestock, ater = theatre, livestock theatre, what a pun!) recently came together. After enduring a long and thirsty meeting during dinner and evening, the fresh selected actors and actresses were introduced to each other, after that the group was formed and the evening ended traditionally in the Woeste Hoeve. The group consists of many, I repeat, many different students.

 All of them are in the race for the Annual Dutch Theatre Awards – of course, but before that will happen, they will work on their absolute masterpiece: Véater 2020. It promises to be an unprecedentedly exciting, funny, surprising and above all entertaining evening.

We can’t wait! How amazing; you have to wait for more than half a year and we are already working on it. During the following weeks, the name of the committee will be announced both here and on our facebook, and it will be recognizable at various activities. Véater 2020 has officially started with the following cast, production leaders, set builders, directing assistants, production assistants, text editors and treasury keepers:

Benthe klein Koerkamp

Contact person

Ida van de Ven


Iris de Munck


Sofie Radstaak


Lillie Zegeling


Anouk Hagens


Jesse Gravendeel


Gijs van Beilen