Hey everyone!

I’m Robert van der Klis, 20 years old, and I’m in the 4th year of my Bachelor. I come from Swifterbant, a small village in the northeast of the Flevopolder. I didn't grow up on a farm, but I did get a love for the smell of the province after cycling to high school every day for 6 years. After my Bachelor I want to specialise in Nutrition and Metabolism, and then specifically in poultry.

If I have time I’m in the gym pretty much daily, and can always be found in the Woeste on Wednesdays. I'm currently also a member of the 36th Almanakcie, and so far it's been incredibly educational and fun, so I'm hoping to continue that trend during my board year. I'm looking forward to my board year, and I’m always open to new insights and getting to know new people, so tap me on the shoulder if you want to talk!

See you!