ICIE - In Case of Internet Emergency "who are you gonna call? De icie!"

We as Internetcie are very happy to present to you, the new website! Last year we have worked very hard to make this happen!

The fantastic and beautiful website you are visiting now, is continuously under the critical and skillful eye of a unique breed of students within the Veetelers: The internetcie-members!

We offer:

  • A good working website
  • Facebook and Instagram updates (if you have content contact us!)
  • Help for Veetelers and committees/sub-associations with the use of their account
  • An up-to-date job board
  • And lots of other things – We are simply very all-round

Every month there is a technical meeting on the current situation and further possibilities and improvements are discussed. Do you have a burning question, a valuable tip or a helpful suggestion? Do not hesitate and contact us via This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..
It’s also possible to tackle an internetcie-lid (please be careful) if you come across one. Carrier pigeons are not accepted – this is outdated.  

The internetcie is always looking for enthusiastic ‘extensions’ in our committee, so we are also up-to-date. So you know that a website starts with ‘www.’ and you can’t fix a crashed computer by switching the monitor on and off, than we need YOU (knowledge on website-management would be fantastic, but this isn’t obligated)!


Internetcie version 2.0.20

Gijs van Beilen – Contact persoon
Job van Schipstal
Madeleine de Groot
Edith van Oostrom
Robert van der Klis
Matthijs Koole
Kirsten Elzinga