What exactly is Animal Sciences? Is scientific research on animals important? Well of course, as animals play an important role in our society. Most animals are kept for food production. Animals are kept by and for humans, which is why the social interaction between animals and humans is getting more attention. Animals play a big role in the maintenance of landscape, nature reserves and recreation. Animal Sciences offers you the unique possibility to value the different functions of animals and to optimise them in any given situation while regarding the possibilities given by the environment. Animal Sciences for a society that takes responsibility of its animals! 

“Prevention is better than cure” is the motto of many Animal Scientists. A word that resonates where animals are kept. Does it improve animal welfare and farm income? That is why within Animal Sciences we look at animal diseases, welfare measures and other factors that play a role in sustainable livestock husbandry. Besides this Animal Scientists can’t ignore societal and ethical discussions regarding animal husbandry as these make life interesting! The study offers you basic knowledge and prepares you to contribute to a responsible animal husbandry and safe food production. You get the opportunity to dive deeper into certain areas or you can decide to broaden your horizon.

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