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InternetCie Social Media Evening I

InternetCie Social Media Evening I
ma, 18. november 2019, 19:00 h - 20:00 h


Dear committees, contact persons and sub-associations,


Monday the 18th of November, from 19:00 till 20:00 in room C0313 the social media evening of the InternetCie takes place. During this evening, that will last 30 minutes, the committees and sub-associations will get access to the social media accounts of de Veetelers, since the IntrenetCie will not update any more social media accounts. Also, we explain the essence of online presence for the association, members and sponsors, updating the Instagram story, sharing activities on Facebook, weekly Instagram posts and promotion for activities.


Before we grant access, you all will be informed about the user guidelines, this is compulsory!. The advantages of using the social media of the association (Instagram, Facebook, YouTube) will be clarified during the evening, but it is useful, for sure! Please attend with 1, preferably 2 members!


When you have tried everything to attend the evening, but sadly cannot be present (as committee or association), give a good substantiated reason (a meeting (vergadering) is not a valid reason). We first need to agree with your absence.


See you there!


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