Dear Veetelers and other readers, 

Are you eager to get to work and is your study almost finish? Or do you still have to study for a while, are you looking for an internship or do you not yet know what you want? Then the Job Application Course might be the place for you!

The application course is the ideal opportunity to learn how to write application letters, compile a CV and conduct job interviews. And, to top it all off: this way you will get in touch with different companies, possibly even your future employer.

The structure of the application course is as follows:

-          General introduction given by AERES AGREE, where all kinds of information is given about writing letters, a CV and conducting a job interview.

-          Discussion of specific application letters. In advance a letter and CV will be written to one of the participating companies. The companies written to will indicate the positive and negative points of the letter and the questions you can expect during a job interview as a result of the letter you sent in.

-          Discussion of open application letters. In advance, a letter and CV will be written to one of the participating companies. This is done in the same way as for the targeted letters. The only difference is that these letters were not sent in response to a vacancy.

-          After this, the job interviews take place. You and a number of students will visit two companies to practice and attend a job interview. You must also submit a cover letter and a CV in advance

Companies from the entire sector will participate in the course; from financial to food and from pets to intensive livestock farming.

 Kind regards,

Sollicie 2019

     Anne de Bruijn
     Marlin ter Huurne
     Iris de Jonge
     Nynke Schipper