AlmanakCie 36 “Legendairy”

The AlmanakCie is the committee which makes the almanac for ‘De Veetelers’. Every year, a group of eight eager and energetic students work day and night – skipping many tutorials and lectures, and drinking many beers – to create a fantastic book which reflects all of the best memories, moments and mishaps which took place during the year.

Over the last few months, we have been hard at work preparing the 36th almanac. Just as up until this point, the coming months will be filled with fun, lots of laughs, hard work, even more stress, a little (or a lot) of pressure to get enough credits, alcohol to help us forget about all of our worries for just one night and, of course, a bucket full of enthusiasm to bring this project to realisation.

Just as our committee name suggests, the almanac is “gonna be LEGEND - wait for it… - DAIRY!” (Barney Stinson, How I Met You Mother). With our functions now known, we can start the real work and make sure that you will have a ‘legendairy’ almanac which you will use to look back on your years as a Veeteler or Veetelerrin for the rest of your life!


AlmanakCie 36 “Legendairy”


Tim Lammersen – Chairman

Demi Mosterman - Secretary

Robert van der Klis – Treasurer

Carlijn Gieling – Master of Ceremonies

Karin de Zeeuw – Head Interview

Andre van der Bosch – Head Sponsoring

Ellen van der Heide – Head Layout

Wiebe Kemp – Head of Bottles/Almanakfeut