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For the upcoming Twelfth Lustrum in 2022, our members are eager to connect companies in the field of Animal Sciences. This committee will be keeping itself busy with finding businesses interested in associating itself with our 5-yearly event and finding the perfect match for all the activities found during this spectacle. This will however take some time and enthusiasmluckily, we have both and we have started right on time and will be making calls and will be sending emails all day long. Whether companies want to present themselves to students and other attendees during the ‘Bedrijvendag’ or they want to be seen on flyers, books, poster and many more items, it is all possible! We will be looking for head sponsors and many sub sponsors. This all in order to make the Twelfth Lustrum a lustrum never to forget!  

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The Sponsorcie of the Twelfth Lustrum 

"Financing the future''


Andre van den Bosch 
Daniel List
Angelique Heeman 
Kirsten Elzinga
Peter-Melvin Fransen
Noemie Poldervaart

Jesse Gravendeel
Anouk Hagens