Dear Veetelers, 

On Thursday the 23rd of April 2020, study association "De Veetelers" organises a Symposium with the theme: "New Ways of Farming". 

During the Symposium, different innovations and visions about the future of the agricultural sector will be discussed. It promises to be a day with many interesting speakers and an exciting discussion. This event is a great way for students to get in touch with the latest trends within our sector. There is also plenty of time for students to socialise with companies and make connections that might come in handy later on in your career.  

From 14.45 h onwards you are welcome at "De Reehorst" in Ede for coffee or tea. The program will start at 15.15 h with an introduction and a brief review of the developments in the agricultural sector over the last couple of years. Then, we will welcome three speakers: Emmy Koeleman (Connecterra), Abe Huisman (Hendrix Genetics) and Geert van der Veer (Herenboeren). They will talk about their unique concepts and innovations. After a short break, we will continue with a discussion panel: Imke de Boer (Animal Production Systems WUR), Guus Geurts (expert in the field of globalization, environment and agriculture), Han Swinkels (senior consultant and expert in livestock production) and Frank Brinkhaus (dairy goat farmer). Our chairwoman of this day will be Anne Reijnders. Around 19.00 h the dinner buffet is opened! The chefs have prepared a delicious buffet with something for everyone.  

Altogether, the Symposium is expected to be an inspiring event that will lead to new insights and exciting conversations.  

The prices for this activity will be:

- member "De Veetelers": € 20,-
- student + non member "De Veetelers": € 30,-
- non student + non member "De Veetelers": € 60,-

Subscription for this activity is binding, and is possible from Wednesday the 4th of March 10.00 h via a google form:

We hope to see you on the 23th of April!

Joep van Zuijlen - Contact person
Anne Pennings - Secretary 
Brigitte de Bruijn - Treasurer
Dagmar Braamhaar
Vivian van der Nat
Rick Zondervan