PhD position in probiotic use in livestock

Applications are sought for a PhD position to qualitatively evaluate the efficacy of novel probiotics that are well known antibacterial producers as a possible alternative to conventional antimicrobials. Studies have been conducted using viable cultures of probiotics as intramammary infusions, intravaginal infusion or feed additives to successfully treat mastitis pathogens, endometritis and other production diseases with the same efficiency as conventional antimicrobials. However, there is no effective biologic currently available with therapeutic claims against infectious and non-infectious disease in livestock. The successful identification of antibacterial peptides and development of new biological therapy could significantly reduce the substantial losses incurred by the industry through production limiting diseases and reduce both the risk of AMR and the probability of transmission of pathogens or resistance genes from animals to humans. The student will be involved in experimental design, project coordination, daily project operations, in-depth data analysis using R, and delivery of results to the research community in the form of presentations at conferences and peer-reviewed journal articles.

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