Stage onderzoek vleeskwaliteit biologische vleesvarkens

Factors influencing meat quality of organic pigs assessed during slaughter.

 The organic slaughter plant ‘de Groene weg’ is currently slaughtering daily about 200 – 300 piglets from different suppliers. There is a noticeable variation in carcass and meat quality among batches from different suppliers which might be due to age at slaughter, sex and breed etc. Previous research has indicated the influence of lairage time and space on carcass and meat quality. These items will be further investigated in this study; i.e. space during lairage, length of resting phase and the influence of feed withdrawal at the farm and the restricted availability of straw prior to transport will be investigated. In this research you’ll have the opportunity to learn about setting up experimental design and organize data collection and be active in the practical work as well as performing the data analysis.

Contact; Ronald Klont (VION), Bart Ducro (ABG)     

Status: available from Dec 2019.