Thesis/Internship: Ant Ninja

Stage/thesisopdracht (titel):

Ant Ninja


Achtergrond / Background of the organization

Our company Fruit Fly Ninja is on a mission to advance pest control, now aiming for more challenging insects such as mosquitos. We strive for ecological, user friendly and affordable solutions.

Onderzoeksopdracht / Research question

Your assignment will be to find and test green concepts to solve this toxic issue. Ant farms are available for testing. The challenge is to have a real impact, meaning that the concept has to be user-friendly and cost-effective in order to be commercially attractive: if a consumer still prefers a toxic variant because 'it's easier to handle' or 'affordable' then the impact is still zero, despite being green. A high quality ACT team of seven students from WUR already created a solid foundation as starting point for your assignment. When successful, your product will be sold worldwide, meaning that your work is of lasting significance and worldwide impact.

We are based in Rotterdam, we would prefer you to come work at our office for one day per week, other days to be discussed. After your graduation it's possible to join our team and come work with us to create a greener future together.

Studentprofiel / student profile

Animal behaviour (MBI, MAS)

Stageduur / period

5 Months

Stagevergoeding / allowance

300 euro per month

Taal / Languages

English or Dutch

Contactgegevens opdrachtgever / Information and Questions:

Ferdinand van der Neut

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