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Reading BTF

Reading BTF
do, 21. november 2019, 19:00 h - 22:00 h


On ​thursday November 21st, BTF is organizing a fun and educative lecture!

This lecture will be completely free of charge to attend for everyone, and it will be in English.


On this evening there will be 3 guest speakers:
Painted Dogs Conservation: This organisation supports the Painted Dogs Conservation project in Zimbabwe. They will tell us all about the highly endangered painted dogs (also known as african wild dogs), and the actions the organisation takes to protect these beautiful animals.  

Beestenplein: This organisation is all about improving the life of pets. They produce their own natural pet food, based on the true needs of our pets. Besides that, they run a sanctuary for guinea pigs, organize educative activities for pet owners, and much more. Another interesting fact: the owner of this organisation studied the MSc Animal Sciences! 

Dutch Cell Dogs: This organisation trains shelter dogs with detainees. This will give the shelter dogs all the love and attention they deserve, and learns detainees to take responsibilities, and improve themselves in other ways. 


Programme of the evening :

Walk in starts at 19:00, and the lectures will start at 19:30. Each lecture will take about 45 minutes, with a short break inbetween.

We expect the lectures to be finished around 22:00, when we will end the evening with some drinks and snacks. 

The lecture will take place in room C0658 in Forum. Subscription is not needed. 


The evening will be completely free and open to everyone (even non-students), so don't forget to bring your friends! 

Also, please attend the Facebook event if you're interested or planning to come.​

We hope to see many of you there!