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Sub-association for sheep, goats and other small ruminants
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Hello everyone,

The Sheep and Goat Study association (SGSC) focuses on sheep, goats and other small ruminants (alpaca's). Just like other subassociations we organise interesting excursions.

Our main goal is to let the students get acquainted with a sector that, in general, isn't that well-known. We try to do this by organising excursions (inland as well as abroad) to different businesses. We've already been to an (halal)abattoir, food manufacturer, biological and conventional sheep- and goatfarms, alpacafarm, camel-dairyfarm, etc. We're also interested in the products and the processing of these products. Examples are the sheepshearing and the knitting course. In the academic year 2016-2017 we've celebrated our 5th lustrum with an amazing party in association with BTF,  we did a nice day excursion with sheep herding in Drenthe and finally, a big 5-course dinner (every course had the focus on a specific species: deer, alpaca, goat, sheep). Also this academic year, we have been on a study trip to England and Wales. 

In the academic year 2017-2018 the BINEX will take place to Noord-Holland and Texel from the 23 to 25 of February 2018. 

So if you want to broaden your horizon and learn new things, or you just want to pet some lambs, join us on an excursion and subscribe! Would you like to organise these excursions, don't hesitate to e-mail us. We're always looking for new boardmembers. 


Bleating greets,

The SGSC board,



Andre van den Bosch (contact person)

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Rozemarijn Karsemeijer

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