Almanakcie 34


Almanakcie 34 is the 34rd Zootechnical AlmanacCommittee that has been working on an almanac (yearbook) of the academic year 2016-2017. Our almanacwill be presented on the 21nd of November 2017.

The coming time we will collect papers of chairgroups, subassociations, commitees and clubs to make a good overview of the academic year!

Almanakcie 34 "Daadkracht" (translated: "Vigor")

Laura Priems- Contact person 

Michelle Bax - Secretary

Sven Beekman - Treasurer

Saide Lenferink - Head Lay-out

Nick van den Pol - Head Sponsorship

Thomas Remmits - Head Ceremony

Joelle Benschop  - Head Interviews

Hessel Reitsma - Head Drinkinggame

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